Recipe Share with Jeannette Ordas

Jeannette OrdasRecipe Share is a weekly feature on where we profile culinary experts or public figures in Canada who have a passion for cooking.  Each individual answers a set of questions and shares one of their favourite recipes with our community.

This week we are chatting with Jeannette Ordas, the amazingly creative gal behind one of our favourite Canadian food blogs, Everybody Likes Sandwiches... which recently celebrated its eighth birthday! (We can't believe it's been eight years already!)

You can also find her on Twitter as @kickpleat.


What did you have for breakfast today? Nothing that exciting. A bowl of cinnamon Puffins cereal, 1/2 a grapefruit and 2 cups of home brewed coffee.

What is your specialty dish? Probably some variation of coleslaw. I make a cabbage salad or slaw often and I never get sick of it.

What is your can’t-live-without kitchen tool/appliance? My cast iron skillet which I inherited from my husband's grandmother. It can take a beating and it will live on forever.

What is your secret ingredient? Probably a squeeze of lemon!

Who taught you to cook? My mom. She loved to cook and I was always her right hand in the kitchen, and when she went back to work, I was the one who made the weeknight family meals. When I became a vegetarian in my early 20s, the Moosewood Cookbooks filled in the gaps.

What is your favourite restaurant? I have a couple neighbourhood hangouts that I love because they're unpretentious, have great food (Via Tevere) or a great craft beer selection (The Alibi Room) and are comfortable places to visit.

How do you unwind? I work from home and often work evenings and weekends, but Friday nights is time to unwind with my husband. I usually mix up a cocktail - The Last Word or an Amaretto Sour are two stand bys - and either make a pizza for dinner or order in and watch a movie.

What is your favourite beverage? I love a good hoppy IPA. Probably my favorite is the Copacetic IPA from Amnesia Brewing in Portland. But a tart rhubarb limeade that I had at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn is also right up there.

What’s your philosophy in the kitchen? Love cooking, don't stress, don't be wasteful and have fun.

What is your guilty pleasure? Potato chips. Cheezy poofs. It's it's salty, I'm interested.

What is your comfort food? Popcorn with butter, salt, truffle oil and Parmesan.

Your least favourite food? Melons. I'm sure there's plenty other foods that I don't like. I'm unfortunately a picky eater.

Do you have a favourite cookbook? Definitely the Rebar cookbook.

Who is your favourite food writer or blogger? Orangette. Molly weaves wonderful words in with her well-chosen recipes. Her book, A Homemade Life, is also well worth reading.

Tell us about the best meal you ever had. Probably a toss up between chicken & waffles at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles in Long Beach, California and a fantastic dinner at Vij's. At Roscoe's, the chicken was succulent, but the waffles which often tend to be a side player, were equally stellar. At Vij's, the lamb popsicles in fenugreek curry were amazingly tender and flavourful and the lemon ginger drink I had was refreshingly light and bubbly. Plus, the atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly.

What is your greatest culinary achievement so far? It's not a major achievement, but I'm so happy that I have the recipe to my mom's chocolate chip cake. It's the one thing that I really associate with my mom and I made it on her birthday the year that she died. There's a lot of memory and history in that one simple, buttery bunt cake. One bite and I'm transported back to childhood. That's a pretty magical experience.

What’s next on your must-try list? I really would love to make pasta from scratch.

Tell us about the recipe you are sharing and why: Bold Green Beans! I like recipes that aren't too fussy and this one is not only simple to whip up but it's full of flavour. Plus the beans stay crunchy which makes them taste super fresh. 


Thanks for chatting with us today Jeannette! We're looking forward to trying your green bean recipe, and your mom's chocolate chip cake too!